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Gas Composition Correction with the dew point

Designed and implemented the water - natural gas equilibrium thermodynamic model based on Helmoltz free energy equation of state standardized as MR-113 in the Russian Federation used for real time correction of the natural gas composition based on water dew point. The model is run by Emerson field flow computers used by Gazprom, Lukoil and Rosneft.

Well head gas composition is corrected based on the actual dew point, and the gas flow and energy rates are corrected as well.

Real Time Erosion Estimation

Our new and ongoing project estimates erosion in tees and elbows as it occurs on gas pipelines and facilities, onshore or offshore. The DNV RP O501 equations are used to calculate the erosion rate every second based on real time inputs, and the total erosion is updated.

If necessary alarms are raised in order for the operators to slow down the flow, or for the maintenance crews to asses wall tickneses

Compressor Control

Design and execution of customizable compressor shut down and start up sequences control solutions using DeltaV and Provox DCS, GE and Allen Bradley PLCs, deployed by customers such as EnCana Calgary, Rio Alto Petroleum Calgary and Enerflex, Australia.

CODESYS Flow Computer Libraries

CODESYS is the equivalent of Visual Studio for a PLC. It was developed in Germany and is virtually unknown in America.

We developed flow calculation libraries and Visualizations for CODESYS ready to use, but the interest has been low so far.