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About us

We are around for many years. Our software products and know-how are included in mainstream PLCs, RTUs and DCSs around the world.

We are not the usual company. Out of Vancouver or Calgary we mobilize experts and resources worldwide on a "just in time" basis which keeps our prices low.

Currently we are exploring a new field: Continuous erosion evaluation. Hydrofracking brings more gas and more problems, from environmental issues to erosion. For multiphase flow the erosion of pipelines, elbows or tees becomes a threat. Even more if it occurs in piping on the sea floor. In this emerging field we provide know-how and solutions for real time monitoring, prediction and alarming of erosion..

We specialize as well in industrial data transmissions, modems, RTUs and PLC programming and SCADA systems. Would you like to implement a driverless, OPC less dirty cheap SCADA solution? Our company is the right place to call. We can program your modems to poll over the internet at 20-60 seconds interval hundred of field devices and to flood your SCADA systems with real time data. The modems will also e-mail you, SMS you or call the plant operators.

At last we specialize in the next level gas and liquid metering. Would you like to keep track in real time about the uncertainty of your metering system? That includes transmitters, AD converters, flow calculations and flow computer errors all combined according to standardized statistical methods. And it includes uncertainties integration over days, months, years? We certainly can help. Or you need to meter ethylene, benzene, saturated steam or any mixture of such using the NIST model with orifice plates, and nobody offers you a solution? Please call, we've already done it