• Metering to the next level

    Any mixture using NIST
    Real Time Uncertainties

  • PLC and RTU programming

    FORTRAN to C++ translations
    Flow Calculation in CODESYS

  • Real Time Erosion Monitoring

    Use your RTU or DCS to Evaluate
    Erosion in real time

What we do at a glance

Metering know-how and software to the next level

If you wish to purchase the usual flow computing hardware and software probably you should check with a traditional supplier of flow computers. But if you are interested in:
a) real time dew point correction of composition when metering natural gas
b) real time uncertainties calculations and integration for your custody transfer oil or gas measurement
c) metering of any pure component or mixture according to NIST version 9.1
d) metering of any other liquid, gas or mixture than crude oil or natural gas then you are in the right place

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Wet gas calculator

The water content of natural gas usually is a technical and financial headache. Our dedicated software for natural gas composition correction according to the water dew point (known as the "Wet Gas" program) runs in thousands of flow computers around the world and helps solving this problem.
To get a feeling on how much your company could benefit from such a product please give a try to our wet gas calculator.

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New ! Steam, Water & Ice Properties

Felix recently packed our IAPWS Steam, Water & Ice calculation algorithms into an attractive Windows 10 app available for purchase on the Microsoft Store
On the desktop, tablet or Windows mobile phone you can always check the ordinary's water substance thermodynamic properties.

Microsoft Store